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 Update do dia 09/09/2013

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MensagemAssunto: Update do dia 09/09/2013   Ter Set 10, 2013 12:28 am

Athena's holy fighters:

In order to better resist the evil invading the sanctuary, sanctuary Legion will be 2013年9月10日(星期二) 07:00 ~ 08:00 for all server maintenance updates, maintenance time is expected to last approximately 60 minutes. Please advance will secure the assembly line, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. According to the progress of maintenance work, the server on time may advance or delay, please spread the holy warriors, pay close attention to the official website announcement. This give you the inconvenience, please understand.
Tips: September 10th 12:00, players can go to find sanctuary Ambassador welfare recipients 500 Stars coupons and experience rewards. Award recipients Deadline September 11 24:00.
[Update] formal dress
New content:

1 - Open a new copy - 90 Heroic [Hero] goddess elegy (front);
2 - and accordingly opened more than 90 high-end equipment;
3 - illusion trials have closed until a new trial illusion, into the entry for "Trial of the illusion messenger." After entering the new trials illusion triggered automatically every five minutes after the task is completed Shaguai get a lot of experience and gold reward coupons daily limit of 72 times the task is completed, you can hang up to complete a single person;
Note: The article "illusion trial certificate" mall shelves, also has a player can go to NPC "illusion messenger" exchange at 200 out coupons;
4 - increased flight routing functions. In flight, the task can also use automatic routing functionality;
5 - Add "a key shielding effects" function: Shortcuts F12 and Alt + L. On the client Caton case, after all of the special effects can mask the effect.

Optimal adjustment:
1 - adjusted 80 series over Heaven evil mission objectives;
2 - add a level to enhance combat capability brings value;
3 - Expansion of Atlantis quests;
4 - bathing glory modified to automatically turn on the line, and the glory bathing while players can perform other operations while enhancing the overall efficiency of 10%, and the elimination of the efficiency Legion base addition;
5 - Gold Cloth Gemini skill "Magic hazy Magic Emperor Fist" confusion effect modification, a modification of the target can no longer move and move cast skills;
6 - Damage Resistance (non-attribute damage resistance) to adjust the effective ceiling of 80%;
7 - Legion Warehouse Review: The Legion Warehouse number of lattices adjusted to 240 from 180. Increases set permissions, specify the characteristics of members of the Legion member name can be directly input function.

[Update] gold dress
New content:
New activities:
A. "Carnival of the coin" - sending 10 Orange will be the perfect props Soul +
As of October 25 , all 20 or more players, the daily online activity reached 100, with Carnival Ambassador NPC Galaxy Prequel to receive a "galaxy carnival coins" + a carnival chest;
12 Galaxy crazy carnival coins can talk to NPC Coin collectors will exchange a perfect props 1;
20 Galaxy crazy carnival coins can talk to NPC Coin collectors converted a 10 orange bindings Report Abuse 1;
Carnival may have to open the chest to get the probability of debris Gold Cloth, orange star soul, gold blood, mythical blood, a lot of experience and gold coupons and other incentives.

B. "heaven chest" - online free gift
September 14 - September 22, 2009, night 20:00-21:00, every 10 minutes on a heaven chest, the player simply click get rich rewards! There is probability to get 100 mythical blood, junior partner "bunny" Gold Cloth fragmented packets, orange star soul, gold blood, massive experience and gold certificates Oh!

C. "I and my little friends" - summon Friends GIVEAWAY
As of September 30 return of 50 or more of the old players, on-line availability of props "small partners witness" 14. The props in the active copy of "The Abyss! Magic Star's End" and "rebirth! Sanctuary Requiem" in the use, move out of the reward BOSS, falling mythical blood, a lot of experience, blood and other team shared the Silver Award!
The return of more than 50 old players can get the title of "the memory of fighters look like." Owns this title in the NPC during the event can get four hours daily attendance of 10% experience bonus killing of team mate benefit!

2 - new gameplay
A. Galaxy Competition
Saint Legion will usher in more intense competition Star Keeper battle. There will be twelve gold, round silver and Pegasus, Dragon, Fairy, Phoenix, Shiratori other star field for Legion grabs.
Legion requires registration participation can compete star field (auction) competition, the competition to win the offensive side will obtain qualifications, with the original protective side in the battle for hegemony Galaxy contest, the final victor will be the guardian of the right star field, star field every day to provide their output, reward guardians.

B. Chaotic Battlefield (80 or more players can join)
1) will be a chaotic battlefield battlefield of multi-point, the first integrator to reach 2000 points wins.
2) Daily "Emergency! Beliefs of war" and Zhou common tasks "battlefield! Glory of victory" to join the battle with chaos-related content: 40 -79 level players can only access "Emergency! Beliefs of war - Attica ruins "task; 80 and above level players will be randomized to receive daily" Emergency! beliefs of war - Attica trace "or" Emergency! beliefs of war - chaotic battlefield. " .

C. Autumn series theme everyday play
Autumn theme task [Mid-Autumn Festival! Osmanthus wine fantasy] , to be completed once per day;
Autumn theme activities [in the autumn! Moon cake big bang] , every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to participate in a day to complete a second;
Note: while closing activities [Tanabata! Zi and Chun Li]

D. Open Virgo copies [awakening! Sharjah six]
Copy [awakening! Sharjah six] every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to participate in a day to complete a second;
NOTE: Close the active [Battle! Lion fangs]      
E. Weeks often active task [challenge! Saint limit]
Eight times a week to complete the task, players get clearance tasks of varying difficulty that the award and title;

3 - new features
A. mentoring system:
Level ≥ 60 magnitude, and combat power ≥ 30000 players can Shoutu;
Level ≤ 60 level players can coach;
Master also has a maximum number of the master's apprentice has been associated with a number of disciples;
In addition to right-apprentice role, the system also provides automatic push function, in line with the conditions of large apprentice master interface can push information on registration, allow the system to quickly help you find apprentice;
Apprentice apprenticeship in upgrades and when you can get the master morality rewards, ethics with sacred mentoring mentoring award redemption NPC Redeem lucrative rewards.

B. Stargazing System:
When the player reaches 65 in the character interface opens.
C. - offerings systems:
Open Cloth offerings capabilities, high-grade silver and 12 gold Cloth Cloth can offerings of both.
D. friendship skill system
When a team has a player with at least two other players friendliness meet 300 or more, the probability is triggered when the fighting powerful combination friendship skills.
If you meet the conditions friendliness of the players while wearing a Gold Cloth, will have probability of triggering the legendary forbidden technology "Athena's amazing."

4 - New Cloth
A. high-grade silver Cloth
10 new sets of high-grade silver Cloth, fighting spirit and the corresponding skills, players can respectively 86 and 96 level, the NPC silver craftsmen to obtain.

B. sacred secular clothing
Open five Xiaoqiang Cloth star cast cap to 48, while star cast of 40 are promoted into gold edition sacred clothing, star cast to 48 are promoted to sacred clothing color version.
C. Aries - day your star
Add Aries day your star can be used at NPC Pandora Aries shards and other materials available.
D. Gold Cloth Cloak
New batch of wind equipment, require players to obtain Gold Cloth, can activate the corresponding shape cloak;
In Attica chaotic battlefield sites and get materials, "Gods Memorial Ceremony page" in the cloak merchant exchange;
If the top three players receive battle points will be added for more "Gods Memorial Ceremony page" (limited to 2 times a day).

5 - The new props
A. New mounts: Store shelves, "falling Sakula Heart", "silver star", available "Pegasus · wing loaded" with props "falling Sakula Heart", "silver star", converted into the new mounts thin cherry drop · Knight and Blade Runner · storm.
B. Small Partners: new eruption of small partner "Moe bunny" has a chance to become Meng metaplasia to the explosion of the "bunny" Oh!
C. New Fashion: Added Venus suit and sea breeze series suits, men's glasses.
Optimizing content:
● Improve the Gold Cloth Cloth skills, and five small strong skill damage value;
● New Star dollar, players can place in the NPC Gold craftsmen Jonathan Gold Cloth exchange gain star cast with a star element;
● Optimize reborn! Requiem sacred pre-event processes;
● super run and snowman abducting activities adjustment
Enhance the activity of the two activities and experience rewards, while adjusting Hours:
Super run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday open abducting a snowman on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday opening.
● optimize the skills in complex terrain release fluency;
● Optimize the stage guidelines: Increase Cloth star cast, shaped, small universe star power value, ruler practice stage combat power and other new guidelines targets;
● Open the small universe of Star-Soul System 90 or more holes.

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Update do dia 09/09/2013
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